Coworking Europe Conference


Matija in the front line of Lisboa’s Coworking Europe Conference (2014) where he belongs. Forever.

– Fernando Mendes

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  1. Lu Jakelic September 2, 2018 Reply

    I do not have a story. I don’t even have a personal meet up or a built friendship with Matija. I knew of him, and felt his energy of a cool human who worked hard and followed his dreams, or helped to the Dreamers of global dreams (whether they were connected with freelancing or something else). I remembered the day when everyone started raising donations for his well-being when I immediately reached to Karla for a way of disemination the message across. As much as I could, being employed as a radio station voice, I’ve asked and announced multiple times how much the help would mean to Matija. He thanked me once, when I said I will be dedicating every musival gig I do to him.
    What I am trying to say is, that you didn’t have to know Matija to feel him. Even through screens of various media where he flew, I’ve felt his contagious spirit.

    Hug more. Talk more. Be more like Matija – brave, unstoppable and fearless till the very end.

    Dear Matija, You’ve inspired and touched us all. Now rest in the eternal gardens and shine bright.


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