When Matija Spoke…Everyone Listened


I’ll never forget the first time I ever met Matija. I was still new to the coworking community and knew very few people while attending my first industry conference. Very quickly I learned that coworking people have a lot of opinions and have a lot to say (and that’s coming from a talker like me). There was always a lot of talking over each other during unconferences and of course at any event in the evening. One person, however, seemed to always have people around him listening…not talking. That was Matija. He had an ability to capture a group’s attention not by raising his voice or by talking over someone. But by imparting an energy, a wit or just simply the most honest and concise words needed to get the point across.

As I begun to get to know him better, I realized that he never minced words; never said anything unkind; never said anything untrue. It took a while for me to grasp that the reason people listened to him wasn’t just cause of that infectious laugh or sharp wit. It was because what he said was always what needed to be heard, not necessarily what we wanted to hear.

– Mike LaRosa

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