Celebrating the impact, love and laughs Matija Raos shared with everyone who met him.

"What I learned from all of this is that we too often run through life without appreciating our loved ones and small things focusing on work and survival. Don’t take life too seriously and no matter what enjoy your every breath, bite, conversation, smile, kiss, dance…"

Matija Raos

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Remembering how Matija impacted our lives.

Nikad to neću razumjeti

Nosila sam danas ogrlicu koju si mi poklonio jednom. Ili sam je možda ja ukrala na Timijevom rođendanu, a ti se nisi bunio. 🙂 Često te se sjetim. I onda se pravim da se samo već jako dugo nismo vidjeli. – Eva Košćak


thinking of Matija

For once, to speak for real: The pain, the sorrow for a broken life An ending of a great ordeal A finale of an epic strife For those you left in silence and despair In strangled fervour of a fate unfair The hopes and dreams by all the gods betrayed Here, and beyond You wished […]


Thanks for the inspiration!

I first met Matija on a freelance workshop he organised a few years ago. Back then I was just testing the waters with my early and shy attempts at working as a freelancer. I remember feeling isolated and scared as those days I was the only freelancer I knew. That workshop opened a whole new […]

A precious friend

Ten days have gone by since the death of Matija, and I am still having trouble facing up to the fact. I wanted to write something, but the words would not come. As if writing about the fact that he was no longer with us would force me to admit that it was true. I […]

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About This Page

Who put up this website and what will be done with the information I upload?

loveMatija.com was born when we, his friends and colleagues with the European Freelancers Week, were trying to put together a landing page for the EFW2018 website announcing his tragic passing.

We wanted very badly to have a place where we could share our memories of Matija, and others' stories of how many lives he changed and touched.

A place that belonged to us, where we would not be limited by the platform or worried about what would happen to our information, stories, pictures, and video.

Everything you give us, from pictures to personal information, will stay on our servers, will not be shared with anyone else off of this website, and will be given to Matija’s mother.

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