#loveMatija tribute event

The Croatian Independent Professionals Association (CIPA), Coworking Croatia, and the European Coworking Assembly are proud to announce the first annual tribute event to Matija Raos as part of the European Freelancers Week 2018 (#EFWeek).

#loveMatija will be presented for the first time in Zagreb, and will be held every year during #EFWeek, featuring a guest speaker from the coworking community or the community of independent professionals which Matija Raos loved and influenced, in memory of what he gave us as his legacy.


The Zagreb event is headlined by Mike LaRosa, the creator of Coworkaholic and features DJ duo Vektor + Neonski, made up of independent professionals Timotej Neonski, a motion designer and art director, and Ilijan Kotarac, a software developer for Five. Mike Larosa will hold a speech in Matija's honor, and Vektor+Neonski, Matija’s friends and colleagues, will ensure that we are chatting in a relaxed atmosphere.


Mike LaRosa’s love of coworking has not only led him to more than 500 coworking space from more than 35 countries around the globe, but also brought him to know Matija, becoming their solid link. Mike is the publisher and partner of AgoraRDM Real Estate Development and Management Consulting. In his free time he produces Miles to Go and Boarding Area podcasts.

Let us know by clicking here if you would like to attend the event.

#loveMatija tribute poster by HDNP (CIPA)

Matija's legacy

Matija Raos dedicated himself to working with the EU to educate and inform governments on how they could best respond to the changes in this new workforce. His efforts, beyond co-leading the #EFWeek, led to measurable action within the EU to encourage and support freelancers in launching and growing independent businesses, while being acknowledged as a unique subset of micro-businesses.

When he was faced with the challenge of being unable to work while also having to pay his medical bills, a global community rallied behind Matija, raising over $50,000 in just days. Inspired by Matija’s work, the European Coworking Assembly has begun the process of creating a fund in his memory. The intention of this fund will be to provide a financial resource to freelancers who find themselves in financial distress due to unforeseen medical emergencies.