I don’t even know where to start…


Matija, we didn’t get to know each other for too long, but I feel lucky to have worked with you over the last few months.

We all know that you have made, and will still make, the lives of freelancers across Europe (and the world) a little better each and every day.

In one of our last conversations, you imparted another sprinkle of advice onto me, after I mentioned how I couldn’t find the time to release things as perfectly as I’d have liked.  You told me that I should learn from you in that, a) done is better than perfect and b) that I can’t do everything on my own. And whilst I knew you were right, it isn’t till today, where I see the impact you’ve made on so many communities, leaders of our industry, and freelancers alike that it all became even clearer.

And so, I hope that you’re not cringing too hard at the layout of this site and that you know that you’ve inspired a whole army of people to go on and support other self employed individuals around the world.

Thank you for all you’ve done for so many, and I do hope we’ll continue to make you proud of what you’ve begun.

– Hector Kolonas

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