Once upon a time, in Lisbon


November 2014. What an epic Copass Camp it was.

Among the many great people I got to share this huge appartment with in the center of Lisbon, I can still remember this very special moment I spent with this very sweet Croatian guy. There were several of us campers, you were back from an expedition with your Croatian party buddy, talking about the good vibes you were feeling in this appartment and in this city…

We had only just met, but we ended up having a deep conversation about life, the sense of one’s purpose… for what felt like a few hours, in this small cafĂ© in the old Lisbon… You were so full of questions and also so careful and listening… I almost regretted it when other Campers joined us for dinner, putting an end to it.

When we met again in real life, in Brussels in November 2016, we talked about the European Freelancer week. You were highly motivated and so inspirational, I remember being impressed by your mastering and presence on-stage… After attending boring corporate speakers the morning before, it really felt refreshing to hear a voice such as yours, and it is when I stopped regretting my coming to the conference!

I wish I had gotten to know you better.

Farewell, sweet Matija

– Annelise Meyer

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