Think outside the box :)


This pivture tells everything. During that time, I was going through divorce, my brother who I was close to moved to Canada and my job was kinda boring to me. I needed challenges and positive change. Matija was there at the time and pushed me to see behind my beliefs. He learned me how to see labour market law in a different way and to think outside the box. We were trying to find possible solutions for freelancers in Croatia regarding tax issues, regulations etc., although that area was unknown to most of lawyers in Croatia. But he believed that we can influence and made an impact. We had strong discussions sometimes. I was impatient and wanted to see results right away. He believed that they will come and that we need to be persistent. He was always prepared to listen my ideas and sugestions and always stand beside me. Moreover, he learned me to be more patient with people and to see best in them no matter what. He learned me to smile even when things are difficult. He will always be an inspiration to me. Thank you, my friend.

– Antonija Osojnik

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