The one who always made things gonna work out and believed in a broad connection


I told my husband today: „Do you remember this guy whom I worked with and whose friends raised a big amount of money for his recovery from cancer from us, the whole community.“

„Yes. That is amazing that people did that for him.“

„No that is not amazing… Amazing is what Matija did for the community.”

Doing so many things for the community and believing so much in a greater sense of connection between all human beings that’s what Matija was showing to the world.

We were working together in so many occations through Alpe Adria Coworking – Organizing coworking journeys to Brussels and Milano, doing coworking meetings and a hackathon together here in Austria. Just browsing through all pictures taken together makes me feeling great again, remembering all funny, joyfull moments.

There were so many good memories thinking about the time working with Matija.

One funny story was when Matija came with a whole bus of people from the balcans to the hackathon in Austria– they were late for 2 hours because they twice! had a flat tire. I justed hoped that going back everything will work out and they will all catch their flight – and it work out…

… So I also was sure that Matijas recovery will work out, because Matija always was the guy who made things work out…

He was the guy who never lost a bad word about anybody. He was the guy who always was looking for solutions not problems. He was the one who made things come true. He could move people. And people trusted him.

Matija your death makes me feeling sad, not just because a friend passed away, because I realized that you leave a big gap in our coworking community, your family and the world as a representation for a sense of unconditional unity and connection.

May your spirit dance with the angels. Thank you for everything.

– Sabrina Schifrer

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