Thank you for everything


I first met you in Lisbon at the Coworking Europe conference in 2014. We had been talking online and had planned to collaborate upon meeting. You were waiting for me outside the Copass camp and greeted me with a  hug. I instantly liked you but little did I know that would be the beginning of a wonderful professional relationship and friendship.

Over the years of knowing one another, we always found ways to work together. Your creativity and kindness was infectious and inspiring. You were the foundation of so many events and opportunities that benefited so many.

You were the beating heart of a global community that was comprised of so many talented individuals that loved you so much.

2 Coworking Europe conferences, events in Slovenia and Croatia, The Hackathon in Austria, and many many moments in between, we collectively put our heads together, dreaming up ways to create projects and platforms that would cultivate a more inclusive society.

In between lectures and events and meetups we always made it a point to have coffee together. We often shared rooms and stayed up late talking. We talked about everything from what it means to be successful in what you do, not just professionally, but as a human being. Oh, and laughing. So much laughing.

The last time I saw you was in Krk. I spent the weekend with you on the beach. While nobody can predict the future, I never thought that would be the last time I would see you. You became such an integral part of my life in so many ways I simply imagined that we would continue meeting up all over the world for years to come.

I wrote this because I am so inspired by the other stories that so many others have shared, again highlighting how truly special you are.

But in truth, there really are no words in the human language that can describe how much you gave. No combination of syllables and vowels and nouns can articulate the loss that is felt by your wonderful family and loved ones.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything… the everything cannot be put into words. Thank you for the warmth and kindness that will stay with me forever.


– Amanda Gray

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