thinking of Matija


For once, to speak for real:
The pain, the sorrow for a broken life
An ending of a great ordeal
A finale of an epic strife

For those you left in silence and despair
In strangled fervour of a fate unfair

The hopes and dreams by all the gods betrayed
Here, and beyond
You wished but never stayed

…words fell apart, devoid of might

Your words and thoughts
An inner melody
A haven in the darkness recondite
A sign
Perhaps a guiding light

For in your thoughts
I’ve seen the kindness of the world
The hopes unharmed and trust in life
Much greater than I’d thought it earned

Hush now for wonder in reprise
Lest we forget all that these dreams behold
And in the hopes and stories yet untold
Above the sky
We watch thy spirit rise

December 2018

– Auli Kütt

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