Thanks for the inspiration!


I first met Matija on a freelance workshop he organised a few years ago. Back then I was just testing the waters with my early and shy attempts at working as a freelancer. I remember feeling isolated and scared as those days I was the only freelancer I knew.
That workshop opened a whole new world to me: the idea that I’m not the only freelancing guy out there, a wonderful community that understood my problems, and a bunch of new great people, many of who are now good friends. I feel much indebted to Matija and all the nice people ready to help newbies with useful tricks and advice.

I think that this initial spark of inspiration I felt on workshops led by Matija was one of the most important moments for my career so far. You and the community around you helped me realise that I can do it, and helped me get to where I am today.
I feel deeply grateful for everything you did for the freelance community in Croatia!
You will be missed!


– Goran Molnar

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